Icynene is applied quickly and without mess and customers notice an immediate improvement in the insulation of their homes. In the summer, the roof space is prevented from heating up excessively meaning the living area remains comfortable and airy.

In the winter the extreme insulation qualities of Icynene drastically cut your fuel bills and allow you enjoy comfortable temperatures without worrying about how high your heating bills will be.


The Product

Developed in Canada where they know all about cold weather, Icynene spray foam insulation has grown to be a world leader in keeping down energy bills and improving the comfort and value of your home. It is now used in over 50 countries and is a major contributor in the fight against climate change and global warming.

As well as proving top class heat insulation and preventing heat loss through your roof, Icynene is a breathable, open cell foam which means that your roof space can be safely draught proofed. In convention lofts there are vents which allow the circulation of air from outside the building to prevent damp. However, the warm air percolating up through the gaps and fibres of your old style insulation is carried away with these air currents, only to be replaced by more warm air form your home. Icynene eliminates this and still allows your roof space top breath

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